East Preamps

John East, who first made the J-retro preamp,  was a jazz plate drop-in preamp introduced to me by Steve Barr. I liked the preamp so much I started hounding John to build the preamp with flexible cables and no Jazz plate.  This is how the U-retro came about. I gave the name "East Preamp" due to disliking U-retro. I felt that a preamp of this quality needed a name verse a generic term. Many people today still refer to the U-retro as the East preamp. Later, I started installing the U-retro in aluminum boxes as an outboard box. I contact John a number of times to create this box, but he kept denying building an outboard boxes. After many request for the external box, I built a few which I sold to customer and became an unfortunate breakup in relationship between John East and myself. Years later John did come out with an external preamp box.  It’s a great unit and selling wonderfully, as does the U-retro and J-retro thanks to Steve Barr and his time and money spent in promoting the product.

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