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STOLEN Alembic Series I - PA Crook is out there

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2012 10:59 pm    Post subject: STOLEN Alembic Series I - PA Crook is out there Reply with quote

info and timeline goes bottom up


The Alembic has been returned. Going Back up for sale with tons of Pictures to show all the false neck issues claimed....


I received and email stating he was finally returning the bass after having it almost 6 months.... I guess he enjoyed it long enough....
Thanks to all the support from everyone!

After talking with Chase today..... as you might guess, I am not the only one he is pulling this with. He has another dispute with another store.... he is a Fraud, be aware.

Chase is going to allow him to commit fraud and credit him back to $4039 plus still retain the instrument. So I am ready for legal action again Mr. Letherer. If someone knows how to handle this I am all ears. I know many of you have been willing to help and I didn't want to go down this path... but I have no choice now.

Chase is not going to return the funds now it looks like, not sure what lies he told this time around. But it looks like Chase is going to allow him to Keep the Bass and his money. So Mr. Letherer still has a Stolen Alembic Series I in the Phily, PA area, be aware......


just to update everyone since everyone is interested in whats going on......

mr. letherer has decided to re dispute the findings since they where not in favor of him.

So now I have to go through this headache again..... what a mess!

The guy still has the Alembic, which cracks me up. Chase already found not in favor of him once, and now he goes to MC to re dispute it......
His new lie is that he was on tour, which is why it took 39days, yet he told me he tried to live with it for 39 days..... the damage that is he says it has. Of course if there is damage it probably happened during that 39 days of his owning it....

People like this waste all our time and cost us all money!

I just wanted to tell everyone that has contact me about the situation, Thanks so much for your support. I've been quite overwhelmed at all the emails and phone calls of people trying to help anyway they can, and this hasn't been posted one day yet. I've even had a few builders contact me to put this guy on their watch list.

I did get an email from him requesting I remove this post.... he feels like he can screw me over yet doesn't want to pay for it... Seems some people know he bought the bass from me and have contacted him.. We live in a small community and everyone has to watch out for each other.

I have stated the facts above, pretty cut and dry... you don't buy a car, wear cloths, heck even buy a set of strings and think you can use them for 39 days and then just get your money back at no loss. At this point there isn't even a returned instrument, he has the money and the bass and thinks I'm wrong for being pissed!

If he has done it once he will do it again... or maybe has already.


I'm not afraid to put his name out there, but I am waiting to see if he is going to do the right thing, its still going back and forth with his Chase card and my processor. He is in the PA area.

Story is that he bought the bass, it was delivered and 39 days later, YES 39 days later! He contacts me for the first time to tell me its not as described.... now most know I am pretty easy going on my return policy, but 39 days...... it could have been in a flood, thrown off a stage, fallen, no telling what. I offered to sell it for him at no fee... not good enough for him. So now he has had the $4039 reversed out of my account in dispute. Plus he still has the bass.... we are now 2 months later....

If anyone sees this bass for sale please let me know, This guy is a crook in my book and every bass builder and dealer will know his name. This is a small community and we all have to treat each other fairly.


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